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From a worldly and universal perspective, changing our conscious mind is essential for saving humanity.

Author: Lu Xia

conscious mind

In the present era, humanity is faced with numerous challenges and dilemmas. I propose that we consider things from a higher perspective of the Earth and the Universe, broadening our view to encompass the Earth and the Universe to scrutinize the future of human civilization. The viewpoint I offer aims to serve as a beacon guiding us towards the future. From the standpoint of the universe, the Earth is but a small insignificant planet within the vast universe, yet it is our shared home, the cradle of life and civilization. With this understanding, altering our mindset becomes an inevitable choice for the salvation of human civilization.

On an individual level, we need to cultivate kindness, learn to care for others, and respect other’s dignity and rights. By putting ourselves in others' shoes, we can build trust and friendship, creating a warm and harmonious social environment. Simultaneously, we must establish the correct humanitarian views, respect the equality and dignity of life, and strive to contribute to environmental protection and the promotion of social equity.


From a worldly and universal perspective, I realize that Earth is a minor existence in the Universe, and the birth and extinction of life are insignificant. However, Earth is our only home and should be cherished and protected. Changing our way of thinking and saving humanity means looking beyond short-sighted personal interests towards the collective good of humanity. We must abandon conflicts and narrow nationalism in pursuit of the common good of all humanity, facing global challenges together and seeking solutions.

I also realize the vastness of the Universe and the miracle of life. Filled with awe and gratitude for life, not just human life but also other organisms and the entire ecosystem, we must recognize that humans are not masters of the Universe but a part of it, and our fate is closely linked with Earth and the Universe. Thus, we should approach nature with humility, respect its laws, and coexist harmoniously with it.

I believe that changing people's mindsets is the only way to save humanity, which is why I propose nine humanitarian principles:

nine humanitarian principles

Filial Piety

Filial piety is the foundation - Filial piety is seen as the foundation of life and the source of sustenance, forming the cornerstone of the development of human civilization. It transcends nationalities, races, and beliefs, embodying the essence of humanity and symbolizing the crystallization of love and the value of life. Within the family, filial piety is the basis for harmony, reflecting the emotional bonds between family members and acting as a cornerstone for social harmony and stability.


Honesty is key - Honesty is not only a code of conduct but also a manifestation of human nature and values. It is founded on the principles of self-respect and respect for others, fostering social harmony and facilitating the efficient allocation and sharing of resources.


Responsibility is fundamental - Responsibility is not only a moral obligation but also a fundamental principle for both society and the individual. On an individual level, responsibility signifies self-discipline and honesty, reflecting care and respect for others. At the societal level, responsibility serves as the bond within the human community, promoting social stability and prosperity.

Take responsibility

Taking responsibility is broad-mindedness - Responsibility is a significant force in confronting the challenges of reality, embodying not only a quality but also a power within. It leads people through various adversities, allowing them to contribute to society. On a societal level, taking up responsibility is a potent force for addressing difficulties, inspiring unity and collective action to overcome challenges.


Tolerance is far-sightedness - Tolerance is a broad mindset that transcends personal interests and narrow views, enabling harmonious coexistence in interpersonal relationships and fostering the development of multiculturalism and diversity. In the face of challenges and adversities, tolerance allows us to view humanity's common destiny from a global and universal perspective. 


Love is giving - Love is the highest form of giving, not only inspiring inner kindness and empathy but also promoting harmony in families, societies, and the world. On a personal level, the act of loving gives individuals more confidence and motivation to pursue growth and happiness. At the societal level, giving love creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation, driving the progress and development of civilization.

love giving


Kindness is conscience - Kindness reflects an individual's inner moral beliefs and conscience and is the foundation of a society's harmonious development. It not only fosters close emotional bonds between people but also reduces conflicts and contradictions within society, contributing to the creation of a more harmonious and inclusive social environment.


Gratitude is heritage - Gratitude is one of the most precious virtues in human society, transcending an individual and permeating the entire community. A society that embraces gratitude is a haven of warmth and harmonious coexistence, representing an expansion of humanity. It embodies a reverence for life and respect for others.


Merit is kind deeds - Merit results from the positive effects and benefits generated by continuous kind deeds and actions towards kindness. It is a form of positive energy that helps enhance an individual's wisdom and values. Through the act of accumulating kind deeds, individuals can accumulate merit, contributing to the development and progress of human civilization.


Saving humanity by changing our mindset is a daunting task. We must promote positive thoughts, positive mindset, and positive actions for the long-term development of human civilization. Therefore, we must start now. I am willing to dedicate my life continuously for the continuation of human life and the protection of Earth, our beautiful home. I also hope that people from all walks of life join me in this endeavor, allowing human civilization to continue shining brightly in the Universe.

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