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About Us 

The Healing Circle Foundation is a non-profit organization that started during the uprising of Covid -19, wanting to help give back to the world in a unique way.

With the guidance of our founder, Master Lu Xia we take a holistic approach to promoting overall wellness for the mind, body and spirit. By helping people heal mentally and physically, we can empower them to realize their full potential. 

Our Founder

Our founder, Master Lu Xia, is an esteemed authority in the realm of cosmic energy healing and the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Her positive influence extends far and wide, touching the lives of countless families, businesses, and individuals across the globe. With a blend of unique holistic techniques and her profound expertise in TCM practices, Master Lu Xia empowers people of all ages and backgrounds.

She is widely recognized for her exceptional mastery in cosmic energy utilization, mind-body-soul communication, and subconscious mind development. These areas of expertise further enhance her ability to help individuals achieve balance, inner harmony, and profound personal growth.

Master Lu Xia's proficiency in cosmic energy has earned her international acclaim, making her a sought-after speaker and consultant for numerous businesses and organizations worldwide. Committed to the well-being of others, she is driven by a passion to help people discover and harness the transformative power of cosmic energy in various aspects of life. From enhancing health and relationships to nurturing child development and optimizing careers, she imparts this wisdom through her exceptional training courses, transformative programs, and enlightening workshops.

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