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World Harmony Dance Collective

In today's society and world, there is happiness and beauty, but also desolation and sorrow, with prevalent depression, mania, indifference, cruelty, distrust, and excessive desires. Everyone wears their own mask, very pragmatic and very indifferent. Wars and conflicts are ongoing, AI is replacing human labor, and epidemics and disasters occur frequently. Humanity is heading towards extinction, and the future of mankind is uncertain.


World disorder and social unrest stem from the human heart and human nature. To change the human crisis, it is necessary to change people's hearts. For this reason, Master Lu Xia founded the World Harmony Dance Collective. The establishment of this dance collective aims to change the current situation of mankind, to spread love, positive energy, and blissful expectations for the future.


The World Harmony Dance Collective uses dance to express the current pathological state of society, making people aware of the crises and risks they face; through dance, it calls for people to come together to make changes, gathering each individual's love and kindness into a collective infinite positive energy for all humanity. This transforms a sickly society into a thriving one, turns a wounded world into a stable and harmonious one, allowing people of all races around the world to happily enjoy a beautiful life.

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 11.24.07 AM.png

NYU Steinhardt Masters Concert

Photographer:  Rebbeca Marcela Oviatt

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