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Sat, Oct 07



Negative Energy Cleansing Course

Join us for an evening negative energy detox class on the 7th October 2023, where Master Lu Xia will help us remove the negative energy residing in our physical bodies, conscious mind and subconscious mind.

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Negative Energy Cleansing Course
Negative Energy Cleansing Course

Time & Location

Oct 07, 2023, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


About the event

Brief Introduction of Master Lu Xia

Master Lu was born with a gift of being able to see and move energy. Science has already proven that everything in this universe is made up of energy; hence as human beings, we too are made up of energy -- both positive and negative.

By being able to move energy and change energy states, she's able to change a person's life state by changing their energy state. Eg. many people suffer from some form of 'mental health issue' as a result of past negative-emotional baggage. These baggage are basically negative energy. With her ability to move energy, she's able to "move" these negative energy out of a person and so heal them and improve their quality of life.

A Primer On Negative Energy

When a person has predominantly positive energy in his/her system, he/she will typically experience more of the positives in life -- good health, wealth, career luck, interpersonal relationships, a vibrant & charismatic personality and be in a positive mental & emotional state most of the time.

The reverse is true for people with predominantly negative energy in their system.

Negative energy is present on 3 levels in a person's system:

1) Physical Body

In a less severe scenario, negative energy buildup in a person's body leads to chronic sub-optimal health -- that chronic feeling of lethargy and discomfort some people experience.

When negative energy builds up for a prolonged period of time in a person's body, it will impede regular blood and Qi flow and drain the vital essence and positive energy in the person's organs. The latter results in organs functioning sub-optimally which then leads to illnesses.

In more severe scenarios, long term negative energy build-up leads to cancer in the body.

2) Conscious Mind

Ever experienced sudden bouts of anger towards a family member, loved one, colleague or friend and take certain negative actions eg. getting into an argument or scolding, only to regret what you did after?

This anger or any form of negative emotion that came from you, but yet did not feel like it was actually you, is basically the negative energy in your conscious mind at work.

In less severe cases, conscious mind negative energy results in a person experiencing negative emotions such as anxiety, lack of self-esteem, depression and greed, and also issues such as insomnia.

In more severe cases, conscious mind negative energy affects a person's perception and judgement of things, emotional instability and could lead to more severe mental health issues such as schizophrenia and paranoia.

3) Subconscious Mind

Subconscious mind negative energy usually has its roots in 2 main areas -- one is negative energy that's already existing in the subconscious mind since birth eg. when it's accumulated from one's past life. The other is usually a result of childhood traumas and hurt that build up over the years and this negative energy then starts seeping into one's subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind negative energy can fundamentally change people's character, personality and entire psyche, thereby changing the entire course of their life and even resulting in them causing harm to others.


This negative energy detox class serves to help participants remove the negative energy from these different levels in one's system.

Of course, a disclaimer is that how much negative energy you will detox depends on how well you follow the steps during the class, how well you connect to Master Lu Xia and your current levels of negative energy(for people with a huge baggage of negative energy, it may take more than just one session for them to be completely healed).


Class Details

Date: 7 October 2023

Time: 10am -  4 am est. / 7am  - 11 am pst.

Course Fee: $360 per person (50% off if you bring a friend : 2 people $180 each in our efforts to help more people)

Location: For accessibilty to all - Online (Zoom)

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