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Who Governs The Universe?

With the great changes of the era, human nature is gradually lost, and people's hearts have become frenzied and greedy. Traditional cultures, Confucian and Mencian thoughts, Buddhism, the Bible, and other cultural religions are finding it increasingly difficult to educate, lead people by the heart, and change human nature. 

Humanity has entered a crazy era of inhuman slaughter. Under the control of various evil thoughts, people are destroying the life of nature on Earth, affecting the normal operation of the universe, and endangering the normal functioning of the energy field in our three-dimensional space. Various natural and man-made disasters occur frequently, and human survival is in jeopardy. Humanity does not know where it is heading. This is a question of the era, a problem concerning the fate of humanity. To understand this issue, one must first understand who governs the universe.

Universal Harmony

I personally believe that the universe exists within our human perspective, thus it is humans who govern the universe. Everything in the universe, including humans, animals, and various plants that can be perceived in our three-dimensional space, governs the universe. Therefore, the universe is one of vision, smell, and sensation; it exists within the values of human hearts. The universe is the foundation of our human existence, as well as the foundation of all living things.

I believe that the universe is all-encompassing and unified, interconnected in every aspect. Universes within universes, the energy and information within the universe are closely linked. Each universe is divided into tangible and intangible realms, and within each, further divisions of tangible and intangible exist. In every universe, at every level, different elements govern the universe. Therefore, the universe encompasses all.


I have divided the universe into twelve dimensions based on the different energy components. The matter visible to human vision, which is the space we live in, constitutes the three-dimensional universe. The energy that we cannot see pertains to the intangible universe, ranging from the fourth to the twelfth dimensions. 

I am able to perceive and understand up to the twelfth dimension of the universe. The twelve-dimensional universe is beyond the control of humanity and even the Earth, originating from the unified universe. The interaction and transformation of positive and negative energy matter in these twelve dimensions create a vast space. Therefore, I say the universes are unified and interconnected. 

This space has always been researched by humanity, and it remains a challenging endeavor. 20 years from now, with the advancement of technology, human civilization might enter into the fourth and fifth dimensions. 50 years later, the sixth dimension might be advanced into. However, dimensions beyond the seventh are likely to remain unexplored and undiscovered within the next 300 years, as they far exceed the limits of human understanding and civilization.

In each dimension of the universe, different matter governs, and the positive and negative energy within them influences and drives transformations. The energy in the fourth and fifth dimensions is closely linked. Similarly, the three-dimensional space of the universe is also divided into positive and negative, with all matter and humans categorized into positive and negative energy. 

negative energy

Excessive human greed and malicious thoughts also coincide with the accumulation of negative energy. When negative energy is extensively emitted into the universe, the energies within it push and transform against each other, potentially backfiring on humanity—a path that could lead to our destruction. As living beings, we must first safeguard the universe within our value system and protect our human home. As we live, we must learn to gather energy. The humans of today are composed of matter, still divided into positive and negative energies. I believe that after death, the soul exists within the universe and has energy and weight, also categorized into positive and negative. 

Living humans experience emotions and desires, love and hatred; similarly, souls in the universe possess such sentiments. Thus, I say that humans live in a parallel world. Today, as we live, our past souls also exist in the universe, governing our current thoughts and actions. In this parallel world, another version of you is observing you—your past self, your past soul looking at you. But where is it stored? It resides in the fourth, fifth, or even sixth dimensions, representing the current you, the past you, the level of your cultivation, and the level of your energy.


10 years ago, I said that changing people's conscious mind, behavior, and enhancing positive energy are essential to transform the current situation (war, pandemics, natural disasters). What I have been doing is helping people to figure out how to make people introspect, understand themselves, awaken their true nature, and utilize their inherent psychological perceptual abilities. By presenting miraculous events before them and building on various religious ideas, I aim to make everyone understand the consequences of their actions and the karma that follows their misdeeds. This karma is directly influenced by your actions, which is why I have always emphasized that changing people's mental awareness is necessary to change their behavior.

universe energy

The energy and information of the negative universe are invisible, intangible, and unfelt, and thus, often disbelieved. Therefore, I am committed to helping people unlock and exhibit their inherent abilities, enabling them to perceive energies beyond the three-dimensional realm. This is a lengthy process, not achievable overnight; it requires enabling all beings to feel, see, and touch elements beyond three-dimensional space. 

The universe is governed by humanity. Only when people recognize the existence and importance of both positive and negative cosmic energies can they find a way forward in an ever-changing world. Only by sending positive energy and love into the universe can human civilization endure forever.

As the first person to receive the unified universe instructions from the universe, I am deeply aware of the heavy burden and responsibility I carry. For thirty years, I have persevered through all kinds of obstacles. Although I transitioned from a rural upbringing to an international presence, from a naive girl in the fields to now having a head full of white hair, what has sustained me throughout is my profound love for the universe and humanity. 

Since my youth, when I first received my mission from the unified universe, I have devoted my entire life to this single cause. This endeavor has consumed half of my life, but I have no regrets. My desire is to see a world united in harmony, so I am willing to fight for a future for humanity, to seek a better tomorrow. Of course, my individual power is scant compared to the vast universe. The three-dimensional space of the universe requires our collective maintenance, and the evolution of human civilization needs our joint efforts. The thought systems of "All Encompassing Universe”, "Unified Universe", “Negative Universe”, and "Subconscious Wisdom" need to be passed down, studied, and practiced by generations to come.

world harmony

So, I need you. My students, my disciples, my readers, the countless among you who desire change—humanity needs you, the universe needs you. A single spark can start a prairie fire. If millions of us return to our true selves and send messages of love and positive energy into the universe, it will respond by sending back countless portions of love. Only then will humanity usher in a brighter tomorrow.

I appeal to the entire world: we must love the universe, we must send love and positive energy into the universe! I also call upon my disciples to lead humanity in changing their mindset and spreading positive energy!

Let's work together for the harmonious evolution of cosmic civilization!

Author – Lu Xia (Healing Circle Foundation)

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