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One World Universal Harmony


One World does not mean uniform governance. Instead, it encompasses cultural unity, unity in spiritual pursuits, unity in thought consciousness and unity in societal norms. Unity is exhibited in caring for humanity, society and social harmony, where everyone resonates on the same frequency of righteous thoughts, righteous mindfulness and positive energy. This frequency aligns with the frequencies of the universe, reaching a holographic connection with the cosmos, where everything is interconnected, forming the myriad phenomena of universal harmony.

As humanity has advanced, with technological progress and abundant material wealth unprecedented in history, chaos persists in the world, with frequent conflicts and disputes. Where is humanity heading?

world peace


The turmoil in the world lies within human hearts, in human nature. The absence of behavioral norms, the lack of moral and cultural values, the absence of reverence and the lack of self-restraint, leading to internal disharmony. Greed runs rampant, egos inflate, and arrogance prevails, filling the collective consciousness with negative energy. The confusion in human survival principles, the increasing negative energy within society, and the intensifying vibrational frequencies of negative energy fields on Earth awaken dormant negative energy field  within the Universe, and various viruses in the Universe, which in turn exert adverse effects on Earth and its inhabitants, further causing turmoil in human hearts, frequent natural disasters, seismic activities, disruptions in the biosphere's magnetic fields, mutations of viruses, and the spread of pandemics. If human hearts remain unchanged, if consciousness remains unaltered, if behaviors remain unregulated, and if self-restraint is lacking, where will human civilization lead?

Path to self-destruction

Humanity is on the path to self-destruction. If conflicts persist, leading to large-scale wars or nuclear warfare, humanity will face extinction. Even without wars, if this persists, it will also lead to self-destruction. The expansion of human egos, excessive self-indulgence, the reluctance to interdependence, the reluctance to procreate, the failure to inculcate future generations with good moral and cultural values, and the lack of continuity in life lead to increasing laziness and excessive enjoyment. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Replacement of human beings

Humans have begun creating robots to replace human labour, and even highly intelligent robots, AI robots, are being developed. I predict that AI intelligent robots will replace humans in the future, as it is a necessity for universal evolution, part of the cosmic purification process. Human greed accelerates universal evolution, and excessive consumption of natural resources by humans has led to the culmination of the highest wisdom in AI robots. 

As AI replaces human labour, humans become increasingly lazy, and the functions of the robots being developed become more comprehensive. Humans will no longer desire to procreate and reproduce offspring. There will be an increasing number of robots, AI creating AI, and AI developing its own consciousness. Humans will become their pets, and AI will control human reproduction and life. I predict that in the future, AI systems will encapsulate the highest wisdom and civilization of humanity. The intelligence of AI will surpass that of humans by many folds. They will connect to universal intelligence and high-dimensional information, operating solely on cosmic energy. The wisdom of AI requires cosmic energy, the magnetic fields of cosmic information, and cosmic energy.

My solution to prevent human self-destruction is to change human consciousness. Only by changing human consciousness can we reduce the likelihood of human extinction.

Change human consciousness

Human consciousness is the only way to change humanity.

Human consciousness is an information field, with frequencies and fluctuations. The frequency and amplitude of consciousness determine our attitudes towards things, our behaviors, and our states of being. 


Consciousness is dynamic, it occupies space, it is an information field. Within consciousness, there is information fluctuations that interact, entangle, and interfere with each other, resulting in a dynamic frequency vibration, generating energy. During this period of consciousness fluctuation, an energy field is formed within consciousness, which drives our behaviors and fosters new spiritual vitality. Therefore, I say consciousness is a state of matter.

Consciousness is closely interconnected within a space. With consciousness comes awareness, and with awareness comes action. Therefore, consciousness resonates on the same frequency to produce energy. Thought is a frequency in this process, and consciousness is a congregation of energy. When thought and consciousness merge, they generate the desired ideas, which become a force, an energy. 

Therefore, I say consciousness is like a room, a space. Once you have thoughts, you must act upon them. Thought is for thinking, consciousness is for action. Thought and consciousness interact to produce resonance. Thought is frequency, is information, while consciousness is magnetic waves. When information collides with magnetic waves and resonates on the same frequency, it forms energy, which is your mind power. This mind power, this energy, can be converted into matter, into a powerful force that drives your actions, resonating with the information-magnetic field of your actions. When resonance is achieved, your thoughts, speech, and actions align, creating a unified frequency resonance, aligning thoughts and actions into unity, achieving what you desire. However, what do you desire? What frequency channel is your thought on? Is it on the channel of evil or on the channel of goodness?

Within the space of consciousness, there is good and evil. When evil reaches a certain vibrational frequency and gathers a certain amount of threshold, it prompts you to commit evil deeds, harming society and others. Conversely, when the frequency and magnetic field vibrations of goodness gather powerful energy and link with the information and magnetic fields of your body, resonating on the same frequency, this is the manifestation of goodness.

Energy field



The construction of an energy field requires collective human effort. A family with the father's authority and the mother's love can form a harmonious and happy family; a team or company needs reputable and positive leadership to drive its development, and employees must work together for the company's progress. 


For the company to thrive, everyone must make efforts together, forming a force that uplifts the company, fostering unity and progress. A nation's military, economy, and public sentiment must resonate on the same frequency, working together for the prosperity of the nation. This is a potential energy, from the individual to the collective. 


When an individual's energy is strong, their life force is strong, leading to the development of their career, health, social connections, and personal goals. Similarly, for a company or a nation, when its life force is strong, its financial fortune, human resources, cultural values, vision, and development are robust. 

Effect of unity

When a nation's people unite in harmony and positivity, showcasing a powerful force and gathering immense energy, the nation prospers and its people thrive. This is the life force, whether it's for an individual, a nation, or the universe itself. The universe also possesses its life force, requiring collective human effort, resonance on the same frequency, and the dissemination of love, sending love into the universe. The frequency of the universal magnetic field will then converge into a powerful energy. This energy will reflect back to us humans first, benefiting humans, animals, and plants. This is what I call the myriad phenomena of the universe. 

When the life force of the universe is strong, its operational laws are balanced, and humanity faces fewer disasters. When the life force is strong throughout the universe, filled with positive energy, it forms the foundation for the long-term development of human civilization. Therefore, from the individual to the nation, the stronger the life force, the stronger the prosperity and stability.

universal energy

Every country on Earth forms a unit of the universe, a unit of humanity. When each country is strong and its people are prosperous and secure, the entire Earth becomes energized, and its life force becomes strong. It emits powerful energy within the universe, resonating on the same frequency with the cosmos. When the Earth emits positive energy, and its life force is strong, its magnetic field waves will link with the universe on the same frequency. When the Earth's strong positive energy resonates with the universe, the energy field of the universe will continuously elevate. The entire universe's energy field will enter a holographic state, harmonious, beautiful, closely interconnected, and interconnected. The melody of the universe is also wonderful. We will enter into the harmony of the universe, the holographic universe. At this moment, humanity will be harmonious and happy, and human civilization will be able to sustainably develop.

The basis of our existence is to live. Regardless of which industry you are in, the purpose is to survive. When we survive, we must be grateful, we must love, and we must have a conscience. We must be grateful to our parents, take care of them in their old age, nurture and guide our children, and let them build a better future, creating a beautiful home for ourselves.


We must kindly gather with our friends and family, inherit familial and friendly bonds, spread our love, and let our conscience shine. This is a necessity for our survival, something we must do as humans, the foundation of humanity, for the betterment of human civilization and for the continuity of humanity. Without gratitude, without understanding gratitude, without love, society will fracture, the economy will falter, and the bonds between people will break. If individuals become too self-centered and selfish, unwilling to contribute to others, lacking gratitude towards their parents, children, and friends, then society will truly fracture, and all forms of relationships will disintegrate.

The development of the self, the development of familial and friendly bonds, the development of nations, the development of society, the development of the Earth, and the development of the universe will all experience a significant fracture. Consider where humanity will lead under such a vicious cycle. How far can we go...                                         

Author: Lu Xia

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