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Life Moral Education Creates the Future —— Changing Mindset Changes Behavior

Updated: Apr 9

Children with family


I believe that for families to be happy, societies stable, and nations to thrive and prosper, we must start with the children, guiding their conscious mind from the outset.

In today's society, influenced by the dual nature of technology, while living standards continue to rise, people's mental world becomes increasingly empty, and personalities seem imprisoned in a steel forest. However, liberating people's spirits is not difficult; it just requires individuals to start from within, regulate their conduct, nurture their minds, and uplift their souls. 


Education should focus on nurturing the heart first; a good education system will prioritize moral education. With proper moral education, even mediocre students can realize their self-worth and contribute to society, thereby creating value. Conversely, even elite geniuses, without moral education, will achieve little. From individuals to families, teams, businesses, and even countries, a peaceful and virtuous mindset is essential for enduring prosperity. Even in the rapidly advancing age of technology, the future still depends on the human heart.

world knowledge

I advocated fifteen years ago that, in the rapid development of internet technology reform, attention must be paid to people's mental health. The mind dominates the height and extent of human civilization development. A change of heart changes everything; without a good mindset, how can people promote the positive development of human civilization?

Filial Piety

For five thousand years of human civilization, filial piety culture, as an important part of moral education, originated from the Confucian teachings of Confucius and Mencius. Confucius said: "’Benevolence’ means ‘human’; cleaving to one's kin and the ranks that govern honoring the worthy are the things that give birth to ritual. Hence the gentleman cannot fail to refine his person: intending to refine his person, he cannot fail to minister to his parents; intending to minister to his parents, he cannot fail to understand others; intending to understand others, he cannot fail to understand Heaven.”

The meaning of this passage is that "benevolence" refers to the mutual love between people, with love for one's own relatives being the most important. "Righteousness" means that people should interact appropriately, with respect for wise individuals being crucial. Love for one's relatives and respect for wise individuals have levels and hierarchies, which originate from etiquette. People in lower positions who do not receive trust and support from those above them cannot effectively govern the people. Therefore, a noble man must strive to improve their moral cultivation. To improve moral cultivation, one must serve one's relatives well; to serve one's relatives well, one must respect wise individuals; to respect wise individuals, one must understand and adhere to natural laws. Confucius' ideology suggests that caring for others can start from small gestures, beginning with those around us.


However, despite the development of filial piety culture, it has gradually disappeared in the tide of the times with the development of technology. The self-improvement of human wisdom, the various temptations of society, all lead people to indulge in selfishness, self-centeredness, and ignorance of gratitude and filial piety. Children do not understand their parents' hardships, do not understand the gratitude for their upbringing, and parents toil their entire lives without support in old age.


Apart from parent-child relationships, other social conflicts have become increasingly acute. Divorce rates continue to rise, marital conflicts intensify, and gender opposition becomes severe. There are also issues such as whether to help an elderly person who has fallen, or whether to rescue someone drowning. Everyone lives in their own thoughts, and "empathy" and "putting oneself in another's shoes" have become rare words; interpersonal relationships in society have become ruthless and unkind.


Therefore, the development of moral education is urgently needed. I have always said that the future of the country starts with children. Cultural education is one aspect, but more important is the construction of children's moral and mental models and the guidance of positive energy in their thinking and consciousness.

Moral education must first change the inherent fixed mindset, then build a mindset of good morals, and finally produce good behavior. In my book "The Power Within", I mentioned the three abilities, three harmonies, three healths, and three actions as a basic principle of reshaping and correcting the human mind —

The Power Within Principles

  • Three Abilities:Judgment, discernment, differentiation

  • Three Harmonies:Harmonize yourself, harmonize family, harmonize the society

  • Three Healths:Physical health, mental health, behavioral health

  • Three Actions: Implementation, execution, practice

Among these four principles, the most challenging to implement is the "Three Actions" principle. The other three principles can bring tangible and visible benefits to oneself, while the "Three Actions" tests everyone's willpower.

Implementation means experiencing various experiences step by step without fearing time, persevering. In implementation, self-discipline is honed, and the true self is found in persistence. Step by step, every footprint is a mark of a warrior.

Execution means taking immediate action, without delay or slackness. In execution, problems are identified, and directions are found.

Practice means facing any difficulties without fear, following the predetermined direction and goals, having ideals and aspirations, and practicing step by step, never giving up, ultimately realizing one's own value and goals.

Behavior is influenced by mindset, and one of the factors affecting mindset is conscious mind. Therefore, conscious mind can also directly influence behavior. When a person's behavior has problems, analyzing their conscious mind can find the answer.

Mindset and consciousness are closely related. The same thing can have many different answers and viewpoints from different people; this is the individuality of conscious mind. The formation of the conscious mind depends on the three powers of the conscious mind, namely judgement, discernment, differentiation, originating from the frequency fluctuations of the heart.


So, our moral education still needs to start with the mindset, strengthen the frequency fluctuations of the heart, awaken the original kindness roots, nourish the goodwill in the heart, and blossom the aura of the true self.

I hope that everyone, families, teams, businesses, and countries can work together to change the current humanistic spirit and mindset, and bloom the moral hearts of the true selves, so that this society, world, and universe will become more friendly and harmonious.

- Master Lu Xia (Healing Circle Foundation)

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