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Join the Healing Circle Foundation for transformative programs, courses, and holistic TCM treatments that nurture wellness across all stages of life.

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Parenting &
Child Development programs

Discover Our Mindful Child Development Program

Empower Kids Worldwide: Our unique approach fosters self-awareness, self-discipline, and global engagement. Guided by psychology principles, children gain confidence, make better choices, collaborate respectfully with adults, and unlock their full potential.

Mindfulness for Behavior and Growth

Through mindfulness practices, children cultivate emotional intelligence, reducing behavioral challenges while nurturing personal development.

Confident, Respectful, and Clear

Our program nurtures confident decision-makers who respect others. With clarity and guidance, children reach their utmost potential.

Join the Mindful Child Development journey today, and shape a future of empowered, harmonious, and fulfilled young minds.

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Introducing our Business Prosperity program. A catalyst for holistic growth within your organization.

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Master Lu Xia's business programs and workshops are geared towards business owners, executives, and dedicated staff, this dynamic program is your pathway to unparalleled success. For owners and executives, we offer strategic guidance to ignite flourishing decisions, steering your business towards prosperity. Delving deeper, our services empower staff members, liberating them from barriers that impede success. Through techniques that foster collaborative respect and cultivate emotional mastery, we create a workplace where clarity, purpose, and harmonious interactions flourish. Witness the transformation as your business and personal spheres converge, creating a tapestry of achievement and well-being. Embrace the journey of Business Prosperity and embark on a transformative voyage towards elevated success and enriched lives.

corporate training

Master Lu Xia's expertise has enriched 200+ companies in "Intuitive Selling" and the "Psychology of Sales," equipping them with techniques that cultivate harmonious, prosperous corporate cultures across diverse sectors, including beauty, insurance, medical, and communications.

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Embark on a transformative journey of healing and empowerment 

Our distinguished founder, Master Lu Xia, has ingeniously merged her profound expertise in Energy-TCM and holistic practices to craft a groundbreaking Substance Abuse Intervention and Prevention program. Experience a comprehensive approach that transcends conventional methods, as Master Lu Xia utilizes the power of energy, subconscious detox, mindfulness, and more, to guide individuals towards recovery and renewal. From intimate gatherings to impactful institutional engagements, our tailored techniques instill hope and pave the way for lasting positive change. Join us on a path of holistic rejuvenation, where the art of energy meets the science of recovery, at The Healing Circle Foundation.

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Ignite a vibrant chapter of golden years with The Elderly Health Enrichment Program by The Healing Circle Foundation. Championed by the visionary Master Lu Xia, this program unveils an inspiring tapestry of life-enriching activities that not only foster brain health but also dismantle the shadows of isolation and loneliness. Master Lu Xia's ingenious holistic plans and engaging workshops are meticulously crafted to infuse joy and purpose into the lives of our cherished seniors. As a beacon of community pride, The Healing Circle Foundation is dedicated to honoring and empowering the elderly across all walks of life. Embrace a journey of well-being, camaraderie, and vitality, because every age deserves to flourish. 

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