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Energy Dance

Speading positive energy for a harmonious humanity

Energy Spiritual Dance is a unique form of dance created by Master Lu Xia, combining the mind, body, and soul. It is not just about simple dance movements; it is a way to connect with the universe’s energy through dance, breath, and consciousness. In this unique form of dance, people are not just moving their bodies on the stage but also adjusting their inner energy fields. This dance, through specific movements and rhythms, guides people to become aware of their energy flow, helping them balance and release their inner energy, achieving harmony of mind, body, and soul.

Energy spiritual dance is not just for entertainment or exercise; it is a form of spiritual practice. Through dance, people can enter a state of relaxation, connecting their own energy with the universe's energy, which helps relieve stress, enhance physical vitality, and promote inner calm and peace. This unique dance not only emphasizes physical movement but also focuses on inner transformation and energy harmonization, helping people find inner balance through dance!


Master Lu Xia possesses innate supernatural spiritual talents from a young age. Incorporating cosmic energy, she founded Energy Spiritual Dance, traditional Chinese Medicine, pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, Tui Na, energy healing, and remote energy acupuncture healing. For the past 28 years, she has traveled around the world, assisting many individuals in need and sharing her gifts with those destined to meet her. In her efforts to help more people, Master Lu Xia established the "Healing Circle Foundation" in the United States, leading compassionate individuals to engage in charitable activities in nursing homes, schools, and communities.

Master Lu Xia said her individual power is limited, and she hopes that more compassionate individuals will join her on this journey of love. Her goal is to help harmonize individuals, harmonize families, harmonize communities, and harmonize the whole world.


Master Lu Xia's vision goes beyond personal and societal harmony; she aspires to achieve global inclusiveness and symbiosis. She dreams of a world where people are no longer divided but connected by common understanding, respect, and love. In this world, there are no limitations based on race, religion, nationality, or social status; everyone can experience inner peace and harmony. Her vision is to liberate humanity from conflict and divisions, truly realizing global prosperity and coexistence. At the core of this vision is the transmission of positive energy, awakening the innate goodness and love within each individual to facilitate global progress and harmonious coexistence.

Cellular Resonance

Cosmic energy resonance in dance can resonate with the cells within the body. This resonance can promote cell repair and regeneration, positively affecting natural healing in the body.

Body & Soul Resonance

Cosmic Energy & Body 

Dancers may sense the harmonious resonance between cosmic energy and various body systems (nervous, immune, endocrine, etc.), positively impacting various aspects of the body.

Immune System Strength

Energy resonance in dance can help strengthen the immune system's functioning. By balancing the body's energy field and enhancing the immune system's role, it improves the body's ability to combat diseases and stress.

Energy Healing



It is not merely a repetition of movements; it is a profound experience where participants feel the real flow of energy between their bodies and minds. Unlike traditional dance, it emphasizes the connection and interaction with universal energy, guiding people to perceive, balance, and adjust their energy fields through specific movements and rhythms. Additionally, energy dance is not confined to a specific dance style; it can incorporate various dance styles, even combining elements of dance, yoga, Tai Chi, and more to create unique movements and bodily flows, providing a personalized energy experience and healing effect for each participant.

Becoming one with the Universe: In Energy Spiritual Dance, there is a profound sense of unity between the individual and the cosmos. The human body is seen as a microcosm, and during the practice of energy dance, it undergoes a process of self-adjustment and healing, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Negative energy within and around the body is cleared, and cosmic energy is received for self-healing.

Connection with the Universe: When practicing energy dance and establishing a connection with the universe, as long as resonance is achieved, one can receive the energy of the cosmos. This energy propels the individual's body, thoughts, consciousness, and even their soul. The energy flows around the dancer's body, gradually entering the body and leading the entire person into a state of enchantment within the energy field. This experience involves the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body, affecting the entire being, including the soul, as they enter another dimension of healing.

In essence, energy dance creates a deep sense of unity between the individual and the universe, fostering a profound connection with cosmic energy. This connection has a transformative effect on the body, mind, and soul, leading to a state of harmony and healing across all aspects of one's being.

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